May 15, 2018

Floatzilla – Covid19 Capacity (7-22 guests)

Welcome to our Floatzilla!

REMEMBER…Masks MUST be worn at our marina, docks and boats at all times!

Its a challenging world with Covid19. Mayor Lightfoot and Gov Pritzger are trying to keep us safe and the boating industry has been given a 50% capacity with 6′ distancing position ordinance to help people from getting sick.

Is your Covid19 boating group size / guest list at 7-22? Our Floatzilla is a great way to host a safe Covid19 boat cruise for your occasion. One of our Floatzillas can accommodate you!

Our multi-boat Floatzilla can help groups with 7-22 guests get on-board to insure your event’s success. Our bareboat charter (rental) license and boat capacities prohibit more than 50% of our regular capacity size at 10-12 total guests on a boat. Captain’s do not count against the number. Our popular Floatzilla is your Covid19 and oversize group boating solution!

How Floatzilla Works?

You pick a destination: lakefront playpen, river restaurant, or your favorite spot, and “Raft-Off” creating a “floatzilla” with a couple or all of our boats. You and your guests can mingle keeping in mind being covid smart at 6′ apart, across all boats to share amenities and have more fun.

See Book NOW!                  Call 773-791-7311          Pre-Boarding Info       Captain’s List Below

Timeline Options

  • (3) Hour River Only Cruise (Mon-Fri only + Saturday and Sunday early morning or evenings)
  • Half-Day (River or Playpen) Floatzilla (5 hours)
  • Full-Day (River or Playpen) Floatzilla (8 hours)

Half-Day ​Schedule:  9a-2p, 10a-3p, 11a-4p, 6-11p, 7p-12a

Floatzilla Options

  • Golden Floatzilla: Granny & Grandpa Pontoons (7 to 11 Guests)
  • Fleet Floatzilla: All 3 Boats (13-22 Guests)
  • Each package takes into account that each boat has a hired captain!!!!

If everybody is drinking, look to hire more captains for every boat and be safe. Hire one of these USCG certified captain outside contractors.

Captain Options

  • Capt Jeff (816) 260.8935
  • Capt Paul Uhl (312) 215.2151
  • Captain Chris Ganas (708) 987.9566
  • Captain Lawrence Booze (773) 757.7259
  • Capt Roger Sardina (847) 363.1263
  • If you need 1 or more extra captains, ask a captain to help you recruit another captain.
    Captains team-up to work with those they know and trust.