May 15, 2018

Floatzilla (13-34 Guests)

Welcome to our Floatzilla!

Is your group oversize at 13-34? Well our Floatzilla can accommodate you.

Our multi-boat Floatzilla can help groups with 13-34 guests get on-board to insure your event’s success. Our bareboat charter (rental) license and boat  capacities prohibit more than 10-12 guests on a boat. Our popular Floatzilla is your oversize group boating solution!

How Floatzilla Works?

You pick a destination like the lakefront playpen, river restaurant, or your favorite “fireworks” spot, and “Raft-Off” creating a “floatzilla” with a couple or all of our boats. You and your guests can mingle across all boats to share amenities and have more fun.

Floatzilla Options

  • Golden Floatzilla: Granny & Grandpa Pontoons (13 to 22 Guests)
  • G-Red Floatzilla: Grandpa Pontoon & Red Baron Yacht (24 Guests)
  • Fleet Floatzilla: All Boats (34 Guests)

Our yacht will require a captain, but if everybody is drinking, look to hire more captains and be safe. Hire a USCG certified captain.

Timeline Options

  • (3) Hour River Only Cruise
  • Half-Day (River or Playpen) Floatzilla (5 hours)
  • Full-Day (River or Playpen) Floatzilla (8 hours)

Half-Day ​Schedule:  9a-2p, 10a-3p, 11a-4p, 6-11p, 7p-12a

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