August 8, 2004

Floatzilla – Great for Groups

Welcome to our Floatzilla program!’s Floatzillas are the perfect compliment to hosting your small group of 11-48 guests) on the water using two or more pontoons in our fleet. We’ve been hosting Floatzillas successfully since 2003.

How Floatzilla Works?

You pick a destination: lakefront playpen, Northerly Island Concert, Bears Game, or your favorite spot, and “Raft-Off” creating a “floatzilla” with two or more of our pontoons. Our boats will be cruising the river and or lake within 10 feet of each other so YES you will be able to talk with each other throughout the outing across the boats. You and your guests can mingle keeping in mind being covid smart at 6′ apart, across all boats to share amenities, discussions, and have more fun.

2023 is Here!

  • Booking Your Floatzilla: Review Floatzilla packages below. Then go to Pricing & Booking link and book one of the pontoons you desire. Prior to paying, our system will ask you if you desire to ADD a boat and you “click ADD” to add more boats to your Floatzilla then proceed to your payment page. This new feature will help to avoid double-bookings.
  • Fleet Expansion: Check out Papaw Pontoon! He’s ready for your booking!

So you know?!

  • Floatzillas sell out quickly from Mothers Day through Mid-September.
  • Given our location, we’re on the SW corner of Chicago’s downtown at River City Marina, 900 S. Wells, Chicago, IL 60607. Our 5 hour half-day cruise is everyone else’s 4 hour. “gives you a FREE extra hour” for your half-day cruise enjoyment.
  • For Lakefront cruises: it takes time to travel the river, travel the locks, enjoy the lakefront, and return.
  • Insurance: You are self-insured, so reach out to your homeowners policy, auto policy or renters insurance policy to learn about their boat rental extension so you are covered. In addition, “any rentals after dusk are not covered” and you’ll rent a boat at your sole risk, with a captain or we cannot rent you a boat.

Our popular Floatzilla options (12-37 guests)

Floatzilla Package (+ Captains)

  • Golden Girls Floatzilla (11-17 Guests)
    • Granny
    • Meemaw
  • Date Night Floatzilla (11-20 Guests)
    • Granny (8)
    • Grandpa (11)
    • Meemaw (7)
    • Papaw (11)
    • and don’t forget Grand Baby (9)
  • Threes Company Floatzilla (18-29 Guests)
    • Granny
    • Meemaw
    • Grandpa
  • Fleet Floatzilla (38-46 Guests)
    • Granny
    • Meemaw
    • Grandpa
    • Papaw
    • Grand Baby

Try our Corporate Floatzillas in 2023 and beyond! Your one-stop shop for your boating event on the water for weekday office cruises. Call us at 773.791.7311 to share about your event so we can guide you in booking your own Floatzilla.

PLEASE REMEMBER…Masks MUST be worn at our marina and docks at dock at all times. Once on the water, you decide. Covid-19 still exists, so we want you to practice safe boating.

  • Its up to the client to hire the captains, get a guest head count and share all info with us.
  • The captain MUST be included in your head count for capacity.
  • All Floatzillas do require you hire a USCG pro captain. We no longer accept amateur captains to pilot a pontoon during a Floatzilla.

See Pricing & Booking!
Call 773-791-7311         

Manditory: Pre-Boarding Info      

Captain’s List Below

Timeline Options

  • (3) Hour River Only Cruise
  • Half-Day (River or Playpen) Floatzilla (5 hours)
  • Full-Day (River or Playpen) Floatzilla (8 hours)

Half-Day ​Schedule:  9a-2p, 10a-3p, 11a-4p, 3-8p, 6-11p, 7p-12a

Full Day 8 hour Schedule: 9a-5p, 10a-6p, 11a-7p, 2-10p, 3-11p

If everybody is drinking, look to hire more captains for every boat and be safe. Hire one of these USCG certified captain outside contractors.

Floatzilla / Boat Captains

  • Capt Marty (312) 498.8410
  • Capt Chris Ganas (708) 987.9566
  • Capt Mike Czubek (312) 388.2686
  • Capt Rick (630) 338.5568
  • Capt Tom (224) 210.0001
  • Capt John Maday (773) 960.7047
  • Capt Mike (630) 379.6226
  • Capt Lemzar (224) 607.7416
  • Capt David Brezina (312) 259.5326
  • Capt Loren Thompson (708) 307.7181
  • Capt Dustin (630) 460.1168
  • If you need 1 or more extra captains, ask a captain to help you recruit another captain.
    Captains team-up to work with those they know and trust.