January 23, 2019

How to Book FAQs

Welcome to “how to Book FAQs” with Rent Chicago Boats!

Location: River City Marina, Behind Bldg @ 800 South Wells St, Chgo, 60607 Operations Located: NW corner along Riverwalk on Black & Gray Docks

Our new online booking process is new. Once payment is received, we email or text the client their confirmation page along with address, directions, pre-boarding time and other info you need for the cruise.

Have this knowledge handy when Seeking Info or Booking!

  • Select a pontoon or yacht based upon hours and boat capacity.
  • Know your date, day or night.
  • Pick a start time from our available schedule of offerings.
  • Prices vary between river or lake cruises. 2 or 3 hour cruises are RIVER ONLY! 4 hour weekday, half-day and full day cruises may do both river and lake.
  • ***We are located on the SW corner of Chicago’s Loop, be aware that during 4 hour weekday or half-day (5 hour) weekend, you’ll be on the lake for 2 hours and cruising the lake and river back and forth 2 (weekday) and 3 hours (weekend). You will travel thru the Chicago locks and it will be busy and it takes time.
  • ***Make note, an 8 hour cruise is less expensive then a late return fee.
  • Hit book now and total cost will pop up for your payment info
  • We accept credit cards and money transfer thru PayPal, and full payment is expected at time of booking.
  • Charges will be for boat time, taxes, and processing fees and any other add-ons.
  • According to the US Coast Guard rules, clients are responsible for gas.
  • ONE LAST STEP WITH PAYPAL, Log onto the actual PayPal website to confirm receipt after purchase request is made. This step cannot be made from your phone, only laptop.
  • Drinking? No designated Driver? Just wanna have fun? Hire a captain!
  • We schedule one hour in between pontoon rentals and 2 hours between yacht charters. We reserve the right to off-set schedules to help our team members get each boat out safely and timely.
  • Kids coming? Kids 13 & under MUST wear preservers 100% of the time on docks and boats as a marina and authority rule.
  • We do allow dogs on Granny with certain requirements.
  • If you desire a party plan we offer, see our party plan tab for ideas and Tee, our party planner is available for hire to help decorate and or plan your dock or boat party.

Terms & Conditions – Upon arrival and BRING

  • Arrive 1 hour pre-boarding for pontoons, and 1.5 hours for yacht (strictly adhered too w/o rental time adjustment)
  • Show your confirmation email / text doc from Rent Chicago Boats
  • Show credit card and matching ID to your RCB team member
  • During Pre-Boarding: client will execute – contract, insurance authorization, roster/float plan, and a safety inspection. Once done client will retain copy of docs.
  • Insurance Authorization Only on credit cards is made at the dock during pre-boarding.
    • $600 / Pontoons – $3,550 / Yacht
  • Authorities require knowledgeable drivers driving the boat. No license? All clients are required by authorities to watch Boater Safety Video and quiz. We require a 90%+ score on quiz by the person(s) managing your boat. Don’t score 90%+, take it over til you do, its fun and easy!
  • Then email us your percentage page to rentchicagoboats@gmail.com as proof of performance. That doc will be presented to authorities when asked; it’s good to keep with you.