Boat Party Size 12-42? Do a Floatzilla!

Rent Chicago Boats’ Floatzilla boat cruises are off to a fast start in 2020. Our Floatzilla boat program offers boat time for groups (13-42 guests) the chance to enjoy boating together in Chicago. Our Floatzilla clients go to the playpen, attends all special boating events, enjoys the holidays, bridal events, birthdays, or hanging out on the water with friends. Rent Chicago Boats added another popular pontoon to the fleet named Papou (which is Greek for grandpa). With Papou we’ve expanded the Floatzilla fleet options so we can help more folks get their larger group on the water. Take a moment to learn our pricing through Book Now, understand our pre-boarding expectations, and explore our Facebook page sharing many photos of our client’s wonderful experiences. Join Rent Chicago Boats for 2020.

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