Multi-Boating Paks Available

Is your family or your corporate group avid boaters? Is your corporate group looking for value added features to attract key staffers? Well may have your answer in our Multi-Boating Paks. We invite anyone to learn about our program at and let’s get you involved. Call us at 773.791.7311. Multi-Boating Paks goes head-to-head with boating club features because the key benefit to Multi-Paks is the bonus time. How it works is the clients select 1 of 3 options, pay up front for their boat time options, and all the bonus time comes after the initial boat time is used. What’s great is runs an extended season usually longer than most boating companies and have been known in the region to serve various industries with boating projects, (corporate hospitality, maritime, movie, and engineering) year-round. So, a client could incorporate an extended regular season through the end of October with advance payments. This offers our clients plenty of time to get their season in, in the same year.

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