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Rent Chicago Boats   773.791.7311‬

Welcome! We’d love your pontoon rental!

We’ve been operating since 2001 and we’re the first pontoon rental company in Chicago. We GO RAIN or SHINE!

The kinds of events we do annually include:

  • Club Member Boating,
  • Bachelorette – Bridal Boating events,
  • Ladies day cruises,
  • Corporate Meetings & Staff Outings,
  • Romantic River cruises,
  • Playpen Lake Michigan Outings,
  • Lolla-Palooza Tailgating,
  • Happy Birthday cruises,
  • Bachelor Parties,
  • Fireworks Cruises,
  • Chicago Scene Boat Party Outing,
  • Holiday Boat Outings,
  • Air & Water Show Outings,
  • Lakefront Concert Tailgating and,
  • Chicago BEARS Lakefront Tailgating

Come join RentChicagoBoats for a fun cruise on the Chicago River or River and Lake Michigan.

  • River cruises can be 2 hrs, 3 hrs, 5 hrs, or 8 hrs.
  • River & Lake Cruises are ONLY 5 hrs or 8 hrs and you must travel through the Chicago Locks to get to Lake Michigan.
  • Pets are Welcome! Bring blankets to cover furniture…
  • GROUPS… Book Our Floatsilla

IMPORTANT to KNOW Client Responsibilities

Client’s Pontoon Driver

  • MUST present their state’s Boater’s License or Boater’s Safety Course Certificate and Meet ALL Other Requirements or YOU HIRE a Captain. 
    • 90+ % SCORE on Boaters Safety Online Class
    • 2+ Proven Seasons of Boat Mgmt or Ownership
    • Minimum of 23 Years of age and Employed
    • Clean Driver’s Record, No Convictions

Client MUST haves

  • MATCHING State ID & Credit Card onboard DURING RENTAL
  • $600 CASH for Damage / Late Return / Clean-up Fee – DEPOSIT, if DAMAGE occurs, we will hold cash until damage is resolved by the Client.


  • Every Client, Driver who causes DAMAGE to our PONTOONS, DOCK, OR PROPERTY , Client WILL pay for the replacement parts, towing costs, installation costs, and All other costs including legal fees to restore our pontoon to its original rental condition. If the Client hires a Captain, the Client is responsible for the damage the hired captain causes. Client should make sure hired captain has insurance.


  • Clients are self-insured, so reach out to your homeowners policy, auto policy or renters insurance policy to learn about their boat rental extension so you are covered. In addition, “any rentals after dusk are not covered” and you’ll rent a boat at your sole risk, so we suggest you hire a captain so you can go out.