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Multi-Boating Paks

Rent Chicago Boats’ Multi-Paks are a Great way to guarantee boat time for you, your office, your friends and family throughout a season especially during preferred dates, holidays, lakefront concerts, and Bear’s Games.  We invite anyone who desires a longer engagement with us to try one of our Multi-paks.

Benefits: PONTOON 3-pak, 6-pak or 12-pak! 

  1. 3-pak Buy (3) of any combo of rentals earns:
    Bonus (1) Extra hour on your last pontoon run with us.​
  2. 6-pak Buy 6 of any combo of rentals earns:
    Bonus (1) 2-hour pontoon run on us. Floatzilla Upgrade
  3. 12-pak Buy 12 of any combo of rentals earns:
    Bonus (3) 2-hour pontoon runs on us). Floatzilla Upgrade

BIG Pak Rules & Benefit: 

  • All plans must be purchased and scheduled in advance of the season together.
  • Custom Paks will require a paypal transfer once overall price is confirmed.
  • You may select from any dates, but follow the schedule of our current plans, Example: 2 hour runs are weekday only non-holiday, Weekends are 3 hour, half-day or full day rentals. All options may be apart of your pak and charged for accordingly.
  • Any boats may be mixed in your schedule but yacht requires a USCG captain. You hire off our capt’s list.
  • Must be same skilled boat driver(s) for every run that has followed our boater education requirements. Not the same driver or drinking, hire a captain.
  • Captain  training session are available with Captain Vernon for a fee.
  • For bonus time must cover usage charges at booking with insurance authorization prior to departure.
  • BONUS TIME is only made after your pak runs are completed. If you cancel the pak at any time, which you can, you lose all the bonus time.
  • All runs must be made in same boating season.
  • All other RCB boating rules apply…see our Boating FAQs.