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Pre-Boarding, Renters Must-Review

Welcome to Rent Chicago Boats!

Pre-Boarding: What to Bring, How to Book, Find a Captain!

Location: River City Marina, Behind Bldg @ 900 South Wells Street (Marina Parking Lot & Entrance), Chicago, 60607

We need a notice to insure we have a staff member to receive you for your pre-boarding.

Find sign on:

  • Marina’s Parking Lot Entrance Fence, and
  • Pillar (Look UP) at South Marina Entrance.
  • Walk North to (DOCK E & F).

Once payment is received, we email or text the client their confirmation with address, directions, pre-boarding time and all info you need to cruise.

Pre-Boarding: Arrival Expectations; What to Bring.

  • Arrive 1 hour pre-boarding for each pontoon, (strictly adhered too w/o rental time adjustment).
  • Show your confirmation email / text doc from Rent Chicago Boats
  • Show credit card and matching ID to your RCB team member during Pre-boarding.
  • During Pre-Boarding: client will execute – contract, insurance authorization, roster/float plan, and a safety inspection. Once done client will retain copy of docs.
  • Insurance Authorization $600 CASH or PayPal deposit per pontoon is made at the dock during pre-boarding.

When Booking!

  • Select a pontoon based upon hours and boat capacity.
  • Know your date, day or night.
  • Pick a start time from our available schedule of offerings.
  • Prices vary between river or lake cruises. 2 or 3 hour cruises are RIVER ONLY!
  • 5 hour half-day and full day cruises may do both river and lake or stay on river when lake water is too rough.
  • ***We are located on the SW corner of Chicago’s Loop.  It takes time to travel from our location and back by boat to the lakefront. So be aware that during a half-day (5 hour) rental, you’ll be on the lake for 2-2.5 hrs hours and cruising the lake and river back and forth for 2.5-3 hours. You will travel thru the Chicago river and locks as a part of your experience and it will be busy and it takes time. The locks are interesting. City Views are GREAT!
  • ***Make note, an 8 hour cruise is less expensive then a late return fee. Call ahead of being late, pay up on PayPal and save from the hassle. Win-Win!
  • Click Book Now for pricing info.
  • We accept credit cards and money transfer thru PayPal, and full payment is expected at time of booking.
  • Charges will be for boat time, taxes, and processing fees and any other add-ons.
  • According to the US Coast Guard rules, clients are responsible for gas.
  • We schedule one hour in between pontoon rentals and 2 hours between Floatsillas. We reserve the right to off-set schedules to help our team members get each boat out safely and timely.
  • Kids coming? Kids 13 & under MUST wear preservers 100% of the time on docks and boats as a marina and authority rule.

Hire a captain! Best when Drinking? No Boating Experience? No designated Driver? Just wanna have fun?

  • Capt Marty (312) 498.8410
  • Capt Chris Ganas (708) 987.9566
  • Capt Thomas Kurmanowski (224) 210.0001 (Last Minute Okay)
  • Capt Loren Thompson (708) 307.7181
  • Capt Mike (630) 379.6226
  • Capt Mike Czubek (312) 388.2686
  • Capt Rick (630) 338.5568
  • Capt David Brezina (312) 259.5326
  • Capt John Maday (773) 960.7047

Driving Yourself:

Boater’s Safety Video and Test & 2-years of boating experience!

  • Illinois DNR now requires a boater’s license from those driving the boat. The temporary solution around having a boater’s license is taking the video class: to watch & take the  Boater Safety Video and quiz. We require a 90%+ score on quiz by the person(s) managing your boat. Don’t score 90%+, take it over til you do, its fun and easy!
  • Then email us your percentage page to as proof of performance. That doc will be presented to authorities when asked; it’s good to keep with you, “we will honor the score page in your name for repeat clients”.