December 28, 2017

Who’s the Captain?

Welcome to Rent Chicago Boats Captain’s page.

Our clients may captain a pontoon boat themselves or they may hire a certified USCG captain to pilot their RCB boat. When chartering our Red Baron Yacht,  our insurance requires you to hire a captain.

Renter Boater Safety Video

All drivers of boats are required by water safety authorities to watch Boater Safety Video and we require at least a 90% on post video quiz by the person(s) in your party who are/is managing the boat. Don’t score 90% – take it over til you do, its easy! Then email us your percentage page to as proof of performance. That doc will be presented to authorities when asked; it’s good to keep with you.

Illinois Boater’s License

For the most ideal way to boat in Chicago is to get your Illinois Boater’s License. All you have to do is to email us a copy of your current Illinois Boater’s License at the time of booking and you’ll eliminate that step. State of Illinois does require that all persons managing a boat, have a current Illinois Boater’s License, so we are providing the link for you to the extended program so you can look into it and achieve your license. This an great idea when you know you’ll be enjoying boating for many years to come.

Our USCG Captain’s List

These captains “work for you” as a captain, not Rent Chicago Boats. Contact them directly and negotiate their rate. Rates range from $50-$75 per hour + gratuity, and may be different based upon their schedule. Captains are outside contractors who are responsible to you (the hiring party) “for their actions”. We prefer to list the most professional captains with a track record of taking care of our clients as well as our vessels on your behalf.

  • Captain Sean Morrey (219) 730.9414
  • Capt Fred Swastek (773) 578.6852
  • Captain Chris Ganas (708) 987.9566