February 7, 2018


Welcome to Our Pre-Boarding Page.

Our Location: River City Marina
800  S. Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60607
1st Dock south of Polk Street off the Riverwalk.
We are Behind the Building at same location.

Directions & Parking
By Uber: go west of Wells Street on Polk Street drop off at  Riverwalk. Walk south down the stairs to the 1st two northside docks.

By Car: drive south of 800 S. Wells bldg to the River City / Hunter Parking lot for off-street parking. Cost $12.
Avoid a $75 ticket, all permitted city streets in area. From the lot walk east til you see the marina, and walk on the riverwalk to the north. The riverwalk splits the building and marina and runs north to a clearing. Our dock in located on the northside of the clearing on Black & Gray Docks.


  • When to Arrive (we strictly adhered to w/o rental time adjustment)
    • 1 hour for pre-boarding for any individual pontoon
    • 1.5 hours for a 2-boat pontoon Floatzilla
    • 2 hours for a 3-boat floatzilla
  • Upon arrival wear your covid mask and we’ll cover the following:
    • Show your confirmation email / text doc from Rent Chicago Boats
    • Show credit card and matching ID to your RCB team member
    • During Pre-Boarding: client will execute – contract, insurance authorization, roster/float plan, and a safety inspection. Once done client will retain copy of docs.
    • (RID) Refundable Insurance Deposit: We take an Insurance Authorization Only on credit cards is made at the dock during pre-boarding.  $600 / per Pontoon
  • REQUIRED BOATER SAFETY COURSE & TEST SCORING 90% OR BETTER. These are kept on file with us to help make your future boating go smoothly with RCB.
      • Authorities require knowledgeable drivers driving the boat. No license? All clients are required by authorities to watch Boater Safety Video and quiz. We require a 90%+ score on quiz by the person(s) managing your boat. Don’t score 90%+, take it over til you do, its fun and easy!
      • Then email us your percentage page to rentchicagoboats@gmail.com as proof of performance. That doc will be presented to authorities when asked; it’s good to keep with you.

Boat Features

  • Cooler
  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • Bathrooms (on pontoons)!
  • Bimini (Canopy) Tops
  • Exceeds Safety Concerns (Plenty of Life Jackets)
  • Babies & Kids should bring their own jackets

What to Bring

  • Credit Card with Matching ID for Refundable Damage Fee
  • Food & Beverage
  • Ice, snacks & beverage (can be purchased at marina bldg store)
  • Sun care, glasses, towel, floaties (or rent one of our rafts for $10 each)

Need a Great Caterer…We Recommend Meli’s