February 7, 2018


Welcome to Our Pre-Boarding Page.


  • Arrive 1 hour pre-boarding for pontoons, and 1.5 hours for yacht (strictly adhered too w/o rental time adjustment)
  • Show your confirmation email / text doc from Rent Chicago Boats
  • Show credit card and matching ID to your RCB team member
  • During Pre-Boarding: client will execute – contract, insurance authorization, roster/float plan, and a safety inspection. Once done client will retain copy of docs.
  • (RID) Refundable Insurance Deposit: We take an Insurance Authorization Only on credit cards is made at the dock during pre-boarding.  $600 / Pontoons – $3,550 / Yacht
  • Authorities require knowledgeable drivers driving the boat. No license? All clients are required by authorities to watch Boater Safety Video and quiz. We require a 90%+ score on quiz by the person(s) managing your boat. Don’t score 90%+, take it over til you do, its fun and easy!
  • Then email us your percentage page to rentchicagoboats@gmail.com as proof of performance. That doc will be presented to authorities when asked; it’s good to keep with you.

What to Bring

  • Food & Beverage
  • Ice, snacks & beverage (can be purchased at marina bldg store)
  • Sun care, glasses, floaties, towel

Party Plans AvailableCheck it out!