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2020 Rent Chicago Boats Multi-Paks

Rent Chicago Boats’ Multi-Paks are our version of a boat club without the high cost of membership. Multi-Paks are a great way to guarantee boat time with bonus time for you, your friends, family or office throughout a season especially during preferred dates, holidays, lakefront events, and Bear’s Games. 

Our Paks offer friends and family the opportunity to enhance their local vacation experience throughout the summer. Businesses can offer value added work and personal experiences to executives and new hires, providing an employment boating benefit and/or welcoming experiences to the Windy City.

We invite anyone who desires a longer boating engagement to try one of our Multi-Paks. See for pricing for the following Paks that we offer.

Benefits: PONTOON 3-pak, 6-pak or 12-pak! 

  1. 3-pak: Buy (3) of any combo of rentals earns:
    Bonus (1) Extra hour on your last pontoon run with us.​
  2. 6-pak: Buy 6 of any combo of rentals earns:
    Bonus (1) 2-hour pontoon run on us. Floatzilla Upgrade
  3. 12-pak: Buy 12 of any combo of rentals earns:
    Bonus (3) 2-hour pontoon runs on us). Floatzilla Upgrade