Happy Birthday from RentChicagoBoats.com
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Birthday Boating in Chicago

Come celebrate your birthday with RentChicagoBoats.com. We have the most affordable and prettiest boats in Chicago to celebrate with.

It seems like those with the birthday must plan their own event this year. RentChicagoBoats.com is here to help you make your event plans come together with ease.

We love ? when you decorate our boats, transforming our boats into a true  celebration space.

Our boat capacities can handle 8, 9, and 11 then of course you may include more into one of our famous Birthday Floatzillas from 13-26 guests.

Explore RentChicagoBoats.com, reach out to Vernon for availability at 773.791.7311. He’s a master scheduler and can carve you in.

From Sunday day through Friday night, we have a ton of time available and RentChicagoBoats.com would love to host your birthday.



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