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Crazy Amount of Boat Rental Accidents!

2020 has brought many new changes and challenges for us to endure, and as business owners the challenges are even greater. Boat renters have made preference to rent a boat for their covid social engagement, but with the idea that drinking and driving a boat is an acceptable practice. The number of rental boat accidents and boat damage has skyrocketed. Boat renters while impaired have damaged boats. Enforcement has turned a blind eye to DUI testing of rental boat drivers in Chicago, something they should really consider. Our clients share they have a non-drinking driver behind the wheel only to leave evidence of alcoholic beverages around the captain’s helm seat for us to discover. They are not fooling anyone. The ones who suffer are the boat rental companies themselves. runs a 4.5 month season to pay 12 months of bills. We cannot run a boat rental company without boats, and covid has limited the availability of repair parts, quick delivery of parts, as well as mechanics unlike other years.

To help clients make a better decision while renting a pontoon boat, now offers a boat captain for Grandpa Pontoon (party of 6) or clients may captain Granny Pontoon after completing the Boater Safety Course linked to our website. Both of our remaining pontoon boats can be enjoyed both on the river and lake with a well organized float plan. We will be extending our season based upon advanced reservations thru Halloween weekend. Clients can signup directly at



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