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Fathers Day Boat Rental Lakefront Chill Cruise

Lake Michigan and Fathers Day, sounds like the perfect match with and a great Father’s Day Weekend. All of our pontoons were built by us to go on Lake Michigan when the water is right for their cruise. If clients / captains, stay within the break walls surrounding the Playpen and Monroe Harbor swim areas the water is usually perfect for a pontoon cruise to see the skyline, check out the yachts in the harbors, and take a swim/picnic on the water. Lakefront Chill Cruises Gets – Complimentary Boat Time

We are located at River City Marina in downtown Chicago on the Chicago River. Its a great bonus to be able to cruise the riverwalk round-trip to and from the lake. Lots of people watching! Our Lake cruises for half day (5 hrs) and full day (8 hrs) are a great deal for the money and time. Our half-day you pay for 4 hours and get (1) hour Free and our full day you pay for 6 hours and get 2 free.

Granny & Meemaw Half-Day Pricing – $795 + taxes + Captain, if Needed

Granny & Meemaw Full-Day Pricing – $995 + taxes + Captain, if Needed

Grandpa & Papaw Half-Day Pricing – $900 + taxes + Captain

Grandpa & Papaw Full-Day Pricing – $1100 + taxes + Captain

Driver’s Boaters License vs Captain’s License

If you desire to drive Meemaw or Granny Pontoon yourself, come prepared with your State’s Boaters License and 2 years of boat management history. Why? Governor Pritzger says so! If not and you’re drinking, hire a captain.

Rentchicagoboats Set Cruise Schedules

Daytime Half-Day: 9a-2p, 10a-3p, 11a-4p

New Afternoon: 2-7p

Evening Half-Day: 5-10p, 6-11p, 7p-12a

6-8 Hour Day: 9a-5p, 10a-6p, 11a-7p

6-8 Hour Evening: 2-10, 3-11p and we can do a special 4p-12a.

Fathers Day Weekend Availability – June 18 & 19

Saturday/June 18

Granny Pontoon – Daytime & Evening
Grandpa Pontoon – 3 hr river only Midnight Cruise from 9p-12a
Meemaw Pontoon – Daytime & Evening
Papaw Pontoon – Evening Only

Sunday/June 19

Granny Pontoon – Afternoon & Evening
Grandpa Pontoon – Daytime & Evening
Meemaw Pontoon – Daytime & Evening
Papaw Pontoon – Daytime & Evening would love to have your Fathers Day Boat Time, come BOOK with us! 773.791.7311


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