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Floatzillas Rule Boating in Chicago came up with Floatzilla 10 years ago and haven’t looked back.

Our marketing was generating many small intimate groups from 13-25 guests with interest in being together. Our clients wanted to jump in the lake or go River bar hopping without the limitations larger boats would have. Turning these groups away just wasn’t an option so we created Floatzilla.

Bridal / Family Floatzilla

This year groups consisting of bridal parties, ladies nights out, extended families have enjoyed Floatzilla primarily on Saturdays and Sundays.

Floatzilla Bookings (August-Halloween)

We invite last minute groups to join us on Sunday days, Friday night’s, and Saturday nights in August and September. We are also wide open for  bookings on weekdays from August through October everyday. So learn about Floatzilla to see how it can work for your group at


How Floatzilla Works?

How it works is you match your party capacity to our boat capacities and book more than one boat creating the ultimate raft-off party at the playpen or River cruise that allows you to switch boats. Then clients hire the captains from a list that we prepared, who know our boats and who collaborate together to coordinate boat management practices while serving client needs.

Corporate Floatzilla

This year we introduced Corporate Floatzilla to enhance our weekday schedule. Covid separated team members, and Corporate Floatzilla is a great way to bring team members back together. Youthful generations will be motivated and relate to more local  corporate experiences with boating as a hiring benefit. Corporate Floatzilla can offer unique team building features: team challenges (boat members vs boat members) with a treasure hunt, visual word games, venetian challenge, and more. aren’t just boat people, we’re event planners too and we love to assist in the creative plans as desired.

Corporate Floatzilla is available for 2, 3, 5 and 8 hour cruises. It’s a turn-key operation and offer corporate groups chance to use their preferred food and beverage sources for fulfillment. We can coordinate convenient pick-up and drop-off off-site locations to your convenience. Take a moment to.learn about Floatzilla at

Hope to see you soon.


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