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Granny Loves Dogs, Let’s Go Boating!

Granny Pontoon Loves Dogs!

I had this great Shetland Sheepdog named Samantha. Her favorite boat was Grandpa, and for many years Samantha went out with every bachelorette party that rented Grandpa. Samantha’s gone now and Grandpa has a new suit.

Well, Granny pontoon is now taking the lead with caring for every dog that finds their way to us at Granny features a few spots on the boat that dogs love to sit or cuddle up in. Granny has a floor that can recover quickly when mistakes happen, hopefully not. Granny has a wonderful canopy for shade to stay cool out of the sun, and dogs love to stick their head thru Granny’s fence in the wind of the boat cruise just like their car. Welcomes any and all dogs to enjoy a great boating summer on Granny pontoon. Let’s Go Boating!

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