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Granny Pontoon is Ready to Serve Covid Cruisers and Chicago!

Granny Pontoon is the first to return to serve Chicago with our 1st official boat rental yesterday, April 26th. took the whole fleet out to restore with upgrades.

Granny is lookin’ good and she’s looking forward to serving you.

One-Day Notice – Booking in April and Early May has NEW early season Booking requirements. We need “a one-day notice” for bookings in April and May prior to Mother’s Day weekend. We have a new staff that can serve our clients after 5:30pm and it takes time to coordinate them. After Mother’s Day weekend we can receive those looking for same day service only if their Boater’s Safety Course is taken scoring 90% or better and delivered by email to

Check out these 3 links on!

Who’s the Captain?: Rental requirements, state licensing, National Boater’s Safety Course, and or Hire a Captain

Pre-Boarding: Where we are located, how pre-boarding works, what to bring!

Book Now: Pricing, Schedules per boat, and Bookings

It’s time for an escape on Granny Pontoon! Join us at 

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