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Gray Dock, Gray Dock, Gray Dock…Find on Gray Dock!

Gray Dock at River City Marina is the home of Gray Dock is easy to find cause its the 2nd dock south of Polk Street. You can find Gray Dock immediately behind 800 South Wells Street in Chicago. Once you  find Gray Dock, you’ll be at home with

Rentchicagoboats entire fleet will be found on Gray Dock. One stop shop of Granny and Grandpa goodness. Yes our boats are named after our favorite people in the world and they are on Gray Dock the friendliest dock at River City Marina. Doesn’t your Grandmother often think of everything? Rentchicagoboats have thought of everything to support a wonderful boating experience in Chicago, all to found at Gray Dock. Please review our Pre-Boarding page to review the ways you can get to Rentchicagoboats at Gray Dock.

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