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Labor Day Boat-Cations with

RentChicagoBoats has availability this Labor Day weekend and it’s time for your Boat-Cation!

We split each day into sessions of half-day day or evening and these 5-hour sessions 9a-2, 10a-3, 11a-4 or evening sessions of 5-10p, 6-11p, or 7p-12a are perfect to hang out in Playpen #1 or #2.

We have the 8-hour ideal Boat-cations that allow you to forget about time and do as most boaters do and take your boat with you on your outing. Boat-Cation outings pack all the ideas from all the guests into one timeline and who care’s about time “when you’re having fun” is so true with our Boat-Cation. Make extended breakfast, lunch and dinner plans and bring them all with you. Bring swim trunks and evening wear to change into, yes we have bathrooms and changing rooms on all of our pontoon boats, so you have no excuses to stop. Our boats are your Boat-Cation one-stop-shop for FUN without interruption. If you plan out your day well, there will be no need to pull up anchor.

Or if you’re looking for a short-time escape then try one of our 3-hour river cruise sessions: 9a-12p, 1-4p, 5-8p, 9p-12a; they work great for those who desire a lazy river cruise to soak up sun or moon light and let the day’s stressors go away that way too.

We can be reached at 773.791.7311 for a quick response or explore Rentchicagoboats  and come to us informed about what you desire your Labor Day weekend Boat-Cation to look like and we’ll be happy to guide you!

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