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Lady Boat Captains found

Ahoy, Lady Captains! wants to applaud the many fine lady amateur captains that have found their way to us. Very well done ladies!

Many have shared they grew up on boats, and or they had family boating experiences in their life. That does help.







From 2020-21, has experienced over 40 ladies who rented boats from us who captained their rental pontoon.

They rented our pontoons for Ladies day out cruises, birthdays, anniversaries, family outings and more…

They came prepared. They reviewed our website thoroughly, scored well on the boaters license exam and showed up on time for our Pre-boarding prior to their departure.

We loved ? them. These client ladies engaged us answering guided boat management questions. They were patient and attentive. They managed the throttle with gentle care. We loved that they took boat management seriously. Their commitment made it easy for us to get them quickly on the water in a timely manner.

So, invites all ladies to rent their pontoon boat from who plan on captaining their own boat themselves.

We’ll be open all fall through Halloween and we hope you’ll join for pontoon rentals too.


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