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Meemaw and Granny Pontoon Love to Show You Chicago!

Everybody Loves Meemaw and Granny! They are Chicago’s very own! Our clients have this love affair with Meemaw and Granny Pontoons since we brought them to Chicago to add them to our fleet at

Who doesn’t love to hang with their Meemaw and Granny? They look after you, guide you, share in your good times, and console you when you are down. Our Meemaw and Granny are both reliable, dress appropriate for the occasion and are always clean and covid free.

They are available every boating day to share their water experience with you! They are both fun, easy going cruising speed, are youthful with their Bluetooth stereos and USB chargers, and offer a shade after a long day in the sun.


Meemaw and Granny invites you to book them during the week for a 2-3 hour river cruises or a half-day/full day chill cruise or swim on Chicago’s lakefront. Their weekend schedule is getting more full by the day, so check in with them at 773.791.7311 or check out their website at to grab some Meemaw or Granny time for yourself.


Yes, doggies can cruise on Granny Pontoon too. Granny loves dogs. She’s a stickler about you bringing your big towel to put under your dog on Granny’s furniture. There’s a doggie park nearby for pre-boating dog stuff. Of course doggies have to wipe their feet before getting on Granny. Granny’s quite particular about behavior and cleanliness. Book your doggie cruise on Granny at See you on the water!

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