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New Era in Boating in Chicago has embraced the NEW Era in Boating wholeheartedly. The half-day river to lake outings were very plentiful in 2019, but we have noticed a trend toward shorter “chill” river cruises and lazy 8-hour rentals for “staycations” with family. New and regular clients are finally getting used to Covid19 50% boat capacity of (5 people) and they are certainly taking advantage of the mini-escape from the confines of their homes.

Do we have boat time? Tons of it! Clients can Book Now to book online directly themselves! Surprisingly, we have many open weekend time slots available on every weekend starting on Friday July 31, 2020 through Sunday nights, October 11, 2020. Strangely, Mondays have been packed with booking everyday for those who appreciate our weekday pricing.  Go to Book Now to learn about our pricing!‘s pontoon boats feature all the comforts of home. They all have Bluetooth stereos, bathrooms / changing rooms, coolers to use, and canopy tops to escape the hot sun. Folks can chill and last all day or night on the water to sustain a fun relaxing boating life experience. Folks can be on their laptop connected to their phone, be on the lake, while mates take turns watching the kids play on rafts on the water in the “playpen” or Monroe Harbor. We’ll let your grand parents fish with their grand kids on Granny Pontoon. Fido can join in the fun now too on Granny.

Folks can explore the ever changing riverside landscape and visit some of the coolest restaurants by boat or grocery shop at Wholefoods in Lincoln Park right off Goose Island off the Chicago River.

Many have been renting a boat either early morning to enjoy a peaceful morning cruise on the river or late night to take in the romantic ambiance of the sun changing to city lights.

So, invites you for a staycation with us. Make a plan with lead time, book boat time with us early, do your boater education course, and come CHILL with



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