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Pontoon Boats Can Tailgate in Chicago Too?

Who’s experienced Tailgating at either a Northerly Island Concert or a Chicago Bears game? We at Tailgate on a boat all the time and so could you! Call 773.791.7311 for event info.

Have you seen our Boating Event Schedule from now til November?

You can host a dock party with our boat(s) and then go into the concert or game or turn on Bears Radio and party at the dock.


Do you know what’s the worst experience to have with a Bears Game and a Northerly Island Concert? Leaving! It’s a 1-2 hours of the worst time-consuming traffic. Doesn’t matter if you drive your own car, take a Uber, or Taxi, the wait, the traffic, is simply terrible! SO, go by boat with no wait at all!

Call Vernon 773.791.7311 to help you craft a workable timeline to support your tailgating experience. Booking our pontoon boats online is easy! Its at least an hour and half ride each way with dock party / tailgate time in between the cruises.

Its a great way to start or end the show or game and see our beautiful city on the return to our dock. YES, we can drop off your group close to your hotel, a restaurant or riverwalk on the way back.

Book your Bears or Concert boating Tailgate NOW with 


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