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Raining? Goes Ponchos!

Picture this! A bridal party, bachelorette party, a bachelor party, friendship group, books a pontoon boat, travels to Chicago, only to be met on the day of their boating event with a rain storm! There’s hope with cause we go boating “Rain or Shine”.

It takes a ginormous amount of time to rally up all party member’s interest to get together… It can be a miserable, frustrating experience when the weather doesn’t cooperate. We love boating so much the rain, just doesn’t matter! knows that rain moves and so do boats. Boats can move in the opposite direction like it did for a Bachelorette party we had today, July 15, 2022 on Grandpa Pontoon. Leah’s ladies came from California, New York, and everywhere in between. They came prepared with ponchos to keep the drizzle off-them and the air was wonderfully warm. We saw many smiling, happy faces as they cruised off our dock. And yes, it was drizzling!

They enjoyed a half-day with a hired captain to pilot Grandpa Pontoon up the North River Branch of Chicago River. The rain stopped once they passed Fullerton Avenue, so they outfoxed the rain.

The lake was choppy, so we helped them design a float plan that included trying new restaurants, a brewery visit, and a seafood deli all on the river and accessible by boat. There are some really great places to visit on the Chicago River that are off the beaten path.

We’ve been running boats for 22 years and we try to scope out all the latest places for our clients to enjoy as apart of their experience while boating with us. is here to support your boating experience and help you to create a rainy day experience to remember! Call us for availability 773.791.7311 and certainly explore our pricing.

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