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SIGN UP NOW! Sunday, Fathers Day Special – 3 hr River Pontoon Rentals

When was the last time you took your dad out for a Sunday family holiday Pontoon Cruise with We invite everyone to book your Daddy’s Day Boat Time for our WONDERFUL 3 hour river only pontoon rental! Our location is at River City Marina 900 S. Wells, on Grey Dock, Downtown Chicago (next to our huge parking lot $10 per car). Once you get to GREY DOCK, call us at 773.791.7311.

3 Hour Cruise Route

Our clients will be able to cruise down to China Town for a group photo surrounded by the Chinese Pagoda then cruise north to encircle Goose Island, Chicago’s only island in the river, and top it all off with a cruise along the riverwalk past Lake Shore Drive to check out city views and Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel for another picture perfect group photo with the city as your backdrop and with enough time to cruise back to River City Marina.

How to Book? Go to and Book Online directly thru our website!

Special Holiday 3 hour Pricing:

Granny Pontoon (9 capacity = 8 guests + captain) $395 + tax + captain if needed

Meemaw Pontoon (8 capacity = 7 guests + captain) $395 + tax + captain if needed

Grandpa Pontoon (11 capacity + captain) $600 + tax + Captain

Papaw Pontoon (11 capacity + captain) $600 + tax + Captain

Who’s Your Captain?

Governor Pritzger mandated that there be an educated boater with experience behind the wheel of the boat! That means come prepared with 2 years of boating history and ready to show your state’s boater’s license. If you desire to drive yourself and can meet the aforementioned criteria, Granny and Meemaw are your boats to drive yourself.

We require a professional captain on Grandpa and Papaw Pontoons. So, Book either pontoon as quickly as possible then book the captain. Both pontoon’s capacities are 11 guests + captain.

“Pets are Welcome” on Granny Pontoon ONLY! Must bring towels to cover all of Granny’s furniture! See Granny’s page to see pics of Granny to gather all the towels you’ll need.

Granny & Grandpa 3 hour Father’s Day Schedule

  • brunch 9a-12p,
  • lunch 1-4p,
  • happy 5-8p,
  • evening 9p-12a

Meemaw & Papaw 3 hour schedule

  • brunch 8:30-11:30a,
  • lunch 12-3p,
  • happy 4-7p,
  • evening 8-11p

Granny is booked already from 9a-12p, so let’s get your Daddy’s boat cruise booked NOW Too!

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