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What do the Blue Bloods TV Show & Boating Have in Common?

Our family at watched Blue Bloods TV Series together all through covid weekly. Mom really loved that show because it was a family being together, looking out for one another, eating together at the dining table, and laughing together.  It seems we’ve gotten away from that family experience.

Boating brings people together and we at would like to help.

Monday thru Thursday is our family friendly timeline to enjoy boating. There’s lots to do, see and go with our boats to, where you may not have thought you could go and do. Have you ever…

  • Cruised up north to see the beautiful homes that line the North Branch of the Chicago River?
  • Cruised up the river to the beginning of the North Branch of the Chicago River to see where it starts?
  • Cruised the Lakefront of Chicago to enjoy the Skyline from Lake Michigan?
  • Cruised thru the lakefront harbors to enjoy seeing the beautiful yachts?
  • Cruised to the Playpen and jumped in the lake on a raft with friends?

These are the experiences that families do together, and they can do it affordably on a weekday day or evening in Chicago with

We’re located on the SW corner of Chicago’s Loop in South Loop. A 3 hour rental is a river only cruise for our clients, where our 5 hour (half-day) and 8 hour cruises are perfect for our river and lake combined. We have a distinct benefit over all other companies in that, for our 5 hour rental you pay for 4 hours and get an hour free and for our 8 hour cruise you pay for 6 hours and you get 2 hours free.

So, plan your family boat outing now and book your boat time with Call with questions to 773.791.7311. We’d love to bring your family together with a weekday boat cruise experience.

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