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Who’s Doggie is on that Boat?

When I first started, I had a Sheltie named Samantha and her favorite boat was Grandpa Pontoon. She would sit quietly during the whole pre-boarding process with our clients with her paws crossed in front like any comfortably spoiled captain’s first mate would do, til she was asked to get off her boat. Samantha joined more bachelorette parties than captain’s did, and honest to pete, all of my clients would ask me if Samantha could come with them.

I found it comforting to have my dogs join me. They were apart of my family.

Call 773.791.7311 to check our schedule and then book online at Rentchicagoboats.

Well Rentchicagoboats invites all doggies to hang out on a boat with their masters. We are limiting the doggie boats to Meemaw Pontoon (8 guests) and Granny Pontoon (9guests). MAKE SURE to bring a towel for your doggie to sit on our boat furniture.

Weekdays we offer 2 hour and 3 hour river cruises, and 5 hour & 8 hour river and lake cruises.

Weekends we limited to schedule for 3 hour river cruises, and 5 hour & 8 hour River and lake cruises.

There’s a doggie park right around the corner from our dock for fido to use prior to departure.

Rentchicagoboats hope to see all the doggies in August through Halloween weekend real soon.

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