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Winter Pontoon Rental in Chicago is hosting “winter pontoon boat rentals”
in Chicago with your 48 hour reservation notice. Yes, your doggie is welcome on Granny Pontoon and you can drive Granny Pontoon yourself. Yes, you can rent Grandpa Pontoon with a captain. Yes, your doggie is welcome on Granny Pontoon.
Layer up, bring a blanket, and Book Boat Time this winter with

Many Chicagoan’s and travelers have learned over our 20 year history that has been operating year-round though many have never ventured out to try it. Maybe this 2020-21 season during Covid19 will be the difference-maker. requires a 48 hour advanced booking notice. Clients must come bundled up with added blankets and warm clothing because its always 10 degrees cooler on the water especially while moving. Yes, you may BYO food, beverage, toilet-paper, and ice. If driving yourself, we require boater education behind the wheel by clients reviewing our Captain’s page, and follow our directions for reporting your (% Score) to us.

So, shake off your Covid blues, bundle up and come boating with this winter. We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy St. Paddy’s Day!



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