Oh No! Let our Floatzilla Save Your Boat Party!

Oops! Too Many Guests for Your Boat Party! Don’t want to say no to anyone? Then don’t? Do a BIGGER Floatzilla! Check Out Rentchicagoboats’ Fun Floatzilla Boat Party! Floatzilla is Affordable! Our Floatzilla is Great for Social Groups, Big Family Fun & Corporate Groups! Meet Our Fleet (38 Guests) Granny Pontoon (9 Guests) Grandpa Pontoon Read more about Oh No! Let our Floatzilla Save Your Boat Party![…]

Who’s Doggie is on that Boat?

When I first started Rentchicagoboats.com, I had a Sheltie named Samantha and her favorite boat was Grandpa Pontoon. She would sit quietly during the whole pre-boarding process with our clients with her paws crossed in front like any comfortably spoiled captain’s first mate would do, til she was asked to get off her boat. Samantha Read more about Who’s Doggie is on that Boat?[…]

Who Needs a Boat for 2021 Chicago Air & Water Show?

Who Needs a Boat during Chicago’s Air Show? Rentchicagoboats has boats available for a half day (5 hour) or full (chill 8 hours) river and lake cruises for both Friday’s practice and Sunday day in Chicago. Click on our link above and let’s get you some boat time. Half-Day (5-hours): Granny and Meemaw Pontoons are Read more about Who Needs a Boat for 2021 Chicago Air & Water Show?[…]

What Does Sept-October Boating & Football Have in Common?

SWEAT SHIRTS! Lol! Yes, Rentchicagoboats.com is now taking reservations for fall boating running Labor Day weekend through Halloween Weekend. Many of you I’m sure, have forgotten how romantic it is to cuddle up with your significant friend/lover wrapped in a blanket on a boat. That loving moment has so many wonderful memories that only being Read more about What Does Sept-October Boating & Football Have in Common?[…]

Floatzillas Rule Boating in Chicago

RentChicagoBoats.com came up with Floatzilla 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. Our marketing was generating many small intimate groups from 13-25 guests with interest in being together. Our clients wanted to jump in the lake or go River bar hopping without the limitations larger boats would have. Turning these groups away just wasn’t an Read more about Floatzillas Rule Boating in Chicago[…]