Corporate Group? Bridal Party? Book Your Floatzilla with

Everyone loves a boat party, but not every person can fit on a boat unless you have’s Floatzilla! Too many people? Corporate Group with mid-size party size? Bridal Parties with 14-20 guests? Want to swim? Trying to keep costs reasonable? Our Floatzilla is the perfect boating experience for your group size of 12-38 guests! Read more about Corporate Group? Bridal Party? Book Your Floatzilla with[…]

Floatzillas Rule Boating in Chicago came up with Floatzilla 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. Our marketing was generating many small intimate groups from 13-25 guests with interest in being together. Our clients wanted to jump in the lake or go River bar hopping without the limitations larger boats would have. Turning these groups away just wasn’t an Read more about Floatzillas Rule Boating in Chicago[…]