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Corporate Group? Bridal Party? Book Your Floatzilla with

Everyone loves a boat party, but not every person can fit on a boat unless you have’s Floatzilla! Too many people? Corporate Group with mid-size party size? Bridal Parties with 14-20 guests? Want to swim? Trying to keep costs reasonable? Our Floatzilla is the perfect boating experience for your group size of 12-38 guests! Floatzillas are great for corporate groups, families, friendship groups, bachelorette parties, bridal groups, bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Book Your Floatzilla NOW! Boating Season in Chicago is HERE! Plan ahead at least one day or more, and if we have availability, you’ll be on our Floatzilla tomorrow. Best to Call Vernon at 773.791.7311 so we can learn about your event and best guide you in booking the right boats to compliment your Floatzilla experience with us. Boat capacity size matters.

Learn about pontoon boats to figure out your capacity and how it matches up to your Floatzilla Needs.

Our Floatzilla is great for during the work week to escape outdoors to team build, creative thinking outdoors, lunch meetings, or showing interns how wonderful Chicago is from the water. Your group leader can meet us at the marina and we can make arrangements with you to drop you off at a convenient destination if so desired. We are event planners too and can accomplish whatever special needs you might have. We help to design treasure hunt competitions, boat vs boat ideas, which we love, and help to coordinate starting and ending destinations.

For Bridal groups we’ve taken all the details with boating off your plate. All of our boats have big coolers, Bluetooth, spacious seating, canvass sunshades to make the boating experience as fun and as pleasant as possible for your 13-38 group size.

Our Floatzilla is great for friendship and family groups getting some together time. Every time you look at the Playpen you notice all the boats rafting off and you wish you were there! You can be with your own small group Floatzilla.

Time to Book your Floatzilla. We do have openings for every weekend throughout the summer starting with June 4th & 5th thru Mid-October. Let’s get your small to medium size party or corporate group on your own Floatzilla with Call Vernon with questions 773.791.7311. We’re ready to help.


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