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14 Guests for your Boat Party? Floatzilla is your Boat Party Solution

Yesterday, like many days of the past, party planners, families, corporate groups approach us with a dilemma of trying to find a pontoon rental boat that holds 14 guests. There’s a 11 person + captain limit on pontoons. 12 years ago we at dreamed up Floatzilla which is designed to cater to small to medium sized groups (12-48 guests) looking to host a unique party on the water. We’ve had many pontoon success stories that included bachelorette bar-hopping on the river to friends tailgating at a Bears Game to fun Playpen parties, enjoying family and friends, or simply chilling on the water. Sounds like fun? It is!

We can help! Call Vernon to share your event details at 773.791.7311. Check out our Floatzilla page, then pricing page for boat costs, pre-boarding page for location, what to bring, and what’s expected during pre-boarding.

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