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Best Pontoon Boat Rental Pricing in Chicago!

We are!

The gas prices are going up. Weather is acting like Fall season. But what do we do, we get crazy and lower all of pricing back to our “retro days” just for fun this week!

Why? We at love our clients that much!

We are a strong pontoon boat company, having had boat rentals since 2001 in Chicago. We talk about and treat our pontoons like family members, and so do our clients.

Have you met Granny, Grandpa, Meemaw and Papaw? They are raring to go in serving you in 2022. Granny and Meemaw are the most popular boats in our fleet cause our clients get to drive, Papaw is the newest pontoon in our fleet, and Grandpa’s the largest boat to accommodate everyone up to 11 guests + captain.

With our fleet expansion comes our larger Floatzilla boat party offerings. Clients with groups of (13-38 guests + captains) can appreciate keeping their group together while enjoying a fun raft-off party in the playpen or competitive treasure hunt cruise on the river.

So, who wants to enjoy the “BEST Chicago boat rental pricing on the water“? Okay let’s get you boating with

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