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Early Boat Bookers, Catch Our Pontoons! PLAN AHEAD!

Okay! So a little play on words, but guess what?

If you’re trying to book a pontoon in Chicago for your group’s outing this Spring, Summer or Fall, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to get your boating date, your timeline, and your preferred pontoon(s) with We wholeheartedly encourage you to plan ahead starting now! Team leaders who are organizing their groups for every reason, are encouraged to reach out to to align their boating needs Now.

In 2021, we sold out every Saturday day with a (13-49 guest) group Floatzilla, half or full day pontoon rental by June 15th. To serve our client’s better, we’re expanding our fleet by adding Papaw Pontoon, but the most popular weekend days and nights, holiday dates, specialty dates like Chicago Boat Party, the Chicago Air & Water Show, Northerly Island Concerts, and Bears Games will still draw the most attention for tailgating and or partying on a’s pontoon boats and we will sell out.

So, let’s getting you Booking your pontoon time with Now!.

To qualify your decision review these pages on to be best informed:

  1. Each Pontoon in our Fleet is a family member. They each have their own page. So check out:
  2. Pricing & Booking Pick the boat and choose the pricing for the either weekday (Monday-Thursday) or weekend (Friday-Sunday). Our schedules are based upon available staffers, so we tend to stick to a set schedule of offerings that are posted. We are serving the hospitality industry, so be mindful to go through checkout to see your total cost prior to paying to share total costs with others.
  3. Pre-Boarding: Lots of good detail here: Our Location, Suggestions on “what to bring”, Accessories that are available to use: “big coolers” for example, Pre-Boarding (at the dock expectations) – we call that time “Pre-Boarding” too. Each client signs a contract, writes up their float plan, writes up the complete roster, and executes a boat inspection per boat. For insurance you are self-insured, so check with your home or auto policy to extend coverage for your boat rental.

Well you’ve been coached up and we’re looking forward to your bookings in advance so can be prepared for you and your group. See you soon!

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