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Floatzilla LIVES!

Getting on a boat is fun in Chicago, but it can be trying when your group is larger than 12 guests. RCBs’ Floatzilla is your solution. Floatzilla helps your group with 13-34 guests get on-board to insure your event’s success. RCB has 3 Floatzilla options:

  • Golden Floatzilla: Granny & Grandpa Pontoons (13 to 22 Guests),
  • G-Red Floatzilla: Grandpa Pontoon & Red Baron Yacht (23 Guests),
  • Fleet Floatzilla: All Boats (up to 33 Guests), and
    • Captains do count against your head count.

Learn about Floatzilla. BOOK your Floatzilla TODAY! (scroll down until you see your Floatzilla Options). Then hook up with our sales planner to book.

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