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We at thought you would like to hear about our latest Family Floatzilla. It was a 3-hour river Floatzilla cruise on the Chicago River with the Langhenry Family. They wanted to rent a pontoon boat for a group of 12 and realized covid capacity rules wouldn’t allow them to all be on one boat as in the past. They heard about Floatzilla program on Google and checked it out at to see how their family of 12 can go boating. They figured out that our Golden Floatzilla was exactly what worked for them. They split the group up with their 6 adult 20s and 30 year old children on Granny Pontoon and the older adults on Grandpa pontoon. The whole family grew up on boats at their lake home and the oldest son (29 years old) and the mom managed the boats for the group extremely well.

They rented our Golden Floatzilla for a 3 hour session on Saturday from 6-9 for a fun river cruise. They did a chill cruising together the whole trip. The dad was worried the kids would leave a mess, but both boats were left in the way they received them.

Thank you Langhenry Family for being a wonderful client August 8, 2020. What a great to celebrate our 20th Anniversary operating in Chicago with great clients as the Langhenry’s and a having a wonderful story to share with you.


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