Go Boating Year-Round with Rentchicagoboats.com! Crazy Cool!

Let’s Go Boating Year-Round Okay it’ll be cold soon, so what!? That’s what hot toddies, warm blankets, hooded winter coats, and sweat pants are for, right? Rentchicagoboats.com will have a boat ready for you to enjoy, when clients book with at least 24 hours advance notice. If you haven’t enjoyed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Read more about Go Boating Year-Round with Rentchicagoboats.com! Crazy Cool![…]

Who’s Doggie is on that Boat?

When I first started Rentchicagoboats.com, I had a Sheltie named Samantha and her favorite boat was Grandpa Pontoon. She would sit quietly during the whole pre-boarding process with our clients with her paws crossed in front like any comfortably spoiled captain’s first mate would do, til she was asked to get off her boat. Samantha Read more about Who’s Doggie is on that Boat?[…]

LGTBQ Couples n Groups Love Rentchicagoboats.com

RentChicagoBoats.com has had amazing LGBTQ clients rent Granny, Meemaw or Grandpa pontoon for a celebratory  cruise with us. The latest was with our client JJ who booked in 2020 only to carry her booking over to 2021 to celebrate their LGBTQ marriage. Awesome, we 💘 love being apart of their experience. In 2020 and again Read more about LGTBQ Couples n Groups Love Rentchicagoboats.com[…]

Birthday Boating in Chicago

Come celebrate your birthday with RentChicagoBoats.com. We have the most affordable and prettiest boats in Chicago to celebrate with. It seems like those with the birthday must plan their own event this year. RentChicagoBoats.com is here to help you make your event plans come together with ease. We love 💘 when you decorate our boats, Read more about Birthday Boating in Chicago[…]