Meemaw Pontoon is a Big Hit in Chicago brought in a new pontoon wonderfully named Meemaw. Growing up we always had that loving grandmother that shared stories, who would look after us, and you would stick a $5.00 bill in our pocket without us knowing. That loving experience was put into Meemaw when we built Meemaw Pontoon from the ground up to Read more about Meemaw Pontoon is a Big Hit in Chicago[…]

Gray Dock, Gray Dock, Gray Dock…Find on Gray Dock!

Gray Dock at River City Marina is the home of Gray Dock is easy to find cause its the 2nd dock south of Polk Street. You can find Gray Dock immediately behind 800 South Wells Street in Chicago. Once you  find Gray Dock, you’ll be at home with Rentchicagoboats entire fleet will be Read more about Gray Dock, Gray Dock, Gray Dock…Find on Gray Dock![…]

What Does Football, Soccer & Fall Boating Have in Common?

What Does Football, Soccer & Fall Boating Have in Common? says sweat shirts, sweatpants, and outdoor fun! We invite Chicagoland and travelers to keep boating with through the fall season. Covid19 cannot keep you from your outdoor fun. Come enjoy the peacefulness of boating early morning or during our Midnight cruises. Go to Read more about What Does Football, Soccer & Fall Boating Have in Common?[…]

Crazy Amount of Boat Rental Accidents!

2020 has brought many new changes and challenges for us to endure, and as business owners the challenges are even greater. Boat renters have made preference to rent a boat for their covid social engagement, but with the idea that drinking and driving a boat is an acceptable practice. The number of rental boat accidents Read more about Crazy Amount of Boat Rental Accidents![…]

No college sports, Got Boating!

Boy, I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing more exciting than college sports. Going to a game with friends, tailgating then enjoying a great game with my favorite teams, there’s noting better. Unfortunately, many NCAA conferences has cancelled Fall sports for covid. Thank gosh everyone’s got boating with  Time to get out of the house and Read more about No college sports, Got Boating![…]

Granny Loves Dogs, Let’s Go Boating!

Granny Pontoon Loves Dogs! I had this great Shetland Sheepdog named Samantha. Her favorite boat was Grandpa, and for many years Samantha went out with every bachelorette party that rented Grandpa. Samantha’s gone now and Grandpa has a new suit. Well, Granny pontoon is now taking the lead with caring for every dog that finds Read more about Granny Loves Dogs, Let’s Go Boating![…]

Time for a “Chill Cruise” with

How do you spend your “chill” time? I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve ever had work life balance and thank gosh for our boat time here at You too can relax, unwind, have fun with your own personal “Chill Cruise” with The water is so peaceful it helps Read more about Time for a “Chill Cruise” with[…]

New Era in Boating in Chicago has embraced the NEW Era in Boating wholeheartedly. The half-day river to lake outings were very plentiful in 2019, but we have noticed a trend toward shorter “chill” river cruises and lazy 8-hour rentals for “staycations” with family. New and regular clients are finally getting used to Covid19 50% boat capacity of (5 people) Read more about New Era in Boating in Chicago[…]’s Boating Social Distancing

Boating Social Distancing with Rent Chicago Boats RentChicagoBoats started in 2001 and has weathered many business and life storms from the economic down-turn in 2008 to Covid19. We are supportive of our clients and desire to invite them to join us in 2020 but also enhance their experience with us thru our Boating Social Distancing Read more about’s Boating Social Distancing[…]