Floatzillas Rule Boating in Chicago

RentChicagoBoats.com came up with Floatzilla 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. Our marketing was generating many small intimate groups from 13-25 guests with interest in being together. Our clients wanted to jump in the lake or go River bar hopping without the limitations larger boats would have. Turning these groups away just wasn’t an Read more about Floatzillas Rule Boating in Chicago[…]

LGTBQ Couples n Groups Love Rentchicagoboats.com

RentChicagoBoats.com has had amazing LGBTQ clients rent Granny, Meemaw or Grandpa pontoon for a celebratory  cruise with us. The latest was with our client JJ who booked in 2020 only to carry her booking over to 2021 to celebrate their LGBTQ marriage. Awesome, we 💘 love being apart of their experience. In 2020 and again Read more about LGTBQ Couples n Groups Love Rentchicagoboats.com[…]

Birthday Boating in Chicago

Come celebrate your birthday with RentChicagoBoats.com. We have the most affordable and prettiest boats in Chicago to celebrate with. It seems like those with the birthday must plan their own event this year. RentChicagoBoats.com is here to help you make your event plans come together with ease. We love 💘 when you decorate our boats, Read more about Birthday Boating in Chicago[…]

Meemaw Pontoon is a Big Hit in Chicago

RentChicagoBoats.com brought in a new pontoon wonderfully named Meemaw. Growing up we always had that loving grandmother that shared stories, who would look after us, and you would stick a $5.00 bill in our pocket without us knowing. That loving experience was put into Meemaw when we built Meemaw Pontoon from the ground up to Read more about Meemaw Pontoon is a Big Hit in Chicago[…]

Granny Pontoon LOVES Mother’s Day Weekend

This Granny Pontoon’s favorite holiday weekend. Rentchicagoboats.com invites all of Chicagoland’s daughters, husbands, and sons to Book your Mother’s Day weekend boat cruise with Granny Pontoon at Rentchicagoboats.com. We recommend selecting 1 of 4 daily 3-hour river cruises: 9a-12p, 1-4p, 5-8p, 9p-Midnight on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Slots are going fast! Rentchicagoboats wants to guide Read more about Granny Pontoon LOVES Mother’s Day Weekend[…]

Gray Dock, Gray Dock, Gray Dock…Find RentChicagoBoats.com on Gray Dock!

Gray Dock at River City Marina is the home of Rentchicagoboats.com. Gray Dock is easy to find cause its the 2nd dock south of Polk Street. You can find Gray Dock immediately behind 800 South Wells Street in Chicago. Once you  find Gray Dock, you’ll be at home with Rentchicagoboats.com. Rentchicagoboats entire fleet will be Read more about Gray Dock, Gray Dock, Gray Dock…Find RentChicagoBoats.com on Gray Dock![…]

Granny Pontoon is Ready to Serve Covid Cruisers and Chicago!

Granny Pontoon is the first to return to serve Chicago with our 1st official boat rental yesterday, April 26th.  Rentchicagoboats.com took the whole fleet out to restore with upgrades. Granny is lookin’ good and she’s looking forward to serving you. One-Day Notice – Booking in April and Early May Rentchicagoboats.com has NEW early season Booking Read more about Granny Pontoon is Ready to Serve Covid Cruisers and Chicago![…]

21st Season Renting Boats in Chicago

We at Rentchicagoboats.com love what we do.Come and Rent a Pontoon Boat from us in 2021 in Chicago. Put your reservations in now for boat time from May through October. We get to meet many people, guide them in safe boating, and be apart of their boating experience in Chicago. With the fight against covid Read more about 21st Season Renting Boats in Chicago[…]

Chicago Boat Show is Virtual, as is RentChicagoBoats.com

January has been a traditional month to make boating plans come together. Those buying a boat or seeking the latest and greatest boating ideas, the Chicago Boat Show has been a great source. RentChicagoBoats.com was the 1st boat rental company to introduce pontoon rentals to Chicago and the boat show has been a great place Read more about Chicago Boat Show is Virtual, as is RentChicagoBoats.com[…]