Chicago Boat Show is Virtual, as is

January has been a traditional month to make boating plans come together. Those buying a boat or seeking the latest and greatest boating ideas, the Chicago Boat Show has been a great source. was the 1st boat rental company to introduce pontoon rentals to Chicago and the boat show has been a great place Read more about Chicago Boat Show is Virtual, as is[…]

Last Minute Gift Cards…Chicago Boating, Great Idea!

Happy Holidays to You from Rent Chicago Boats Looking for last minute Christmas gifts that are quick and easy? Do you know, we have a Gift Card Program? It’s listed on our website on the BOOK NOW link? It’s a great way to offer an “experience gift” to friends and family. Feel free to forward Read more about Last Minute Gift Cards…Chicago Boating, Great Idea![…]

Winter Pontoon Rental in Chicago is hosting “winter pontoon boat rentals” in Chicago with your 48 hour reservation notice. Yes, your doggie is welcome on Granny Pontoon and you can drive Granny Pontoon yourself. Yes, you can rent Grandpa Pontoon with a captain. Yes, your doggie is welcome on Granny Pontoon. Layer up, bring a blanket, and Book Boat Read more about Winter Pontoon Rental in Chicago[…]

What Does Football, Soccer & Fall Boating Have in Common?

What Does Football, Soccer & Fall Boating Have in Common? says sweat shirts, sweatpants, and outdoor fun! We invite Chicagoland and travelers to keep boating with through the fall season. Covid19 cannot keep you from your outdoor fun. Come enjoy the peacefulness of boating early morning or during our Midnight cruises. Go to Read more about What Does Football, Soccer & Fall Boating Have in Common?[…]

Crazy Amount of Boat Rental Accidents!

2020 has brought many new changes and challenges for us to endure, and as business owners the challenges are even greater. Boat renters have made preference to rent a boat for their covid social engagement, but with the idea that drinking and driving a boat is an acceptable practice. The number of rental boat accidents Read more about Crazy Amount of Boat Rental Accidents![…]

Granny Pontoon is “Talk of the Doghouse”!’s Granny Pontoon has been the “talk of the doghouse” this season. Granny has seen the doodles, labs, mean dogs, multiple dogs, tiny dogs, big dogs, and puppy dogs. Some listened to their master and others had their masters by the tail. All in all its been a fun doggie summer at, and we Read more about Granny Pontoon is “Talk of the Doghouse”![…]

No college sports, Got Boating!

Boy, I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing more exciting than college sports. Going to a game with friends, tailgating then enjoying a great game with my favorite teams, there’s noting better. Unfortunately, many NCAA conferences has cancelled Fall sports for covid. Thank gosh everyone’s got boating with Rentchicagoboats.comĀ  Time to get out of the house and Read more about No college sports, Got Boating![…]…a good Family Floatzilla Boating Story

We at thought you would like to hear about our latest Family Floatzilla. It was a 3-hour river Floatzilla cruise on the Chicago River with the Langhenry Family. They wanted to rent a pontoon boat for a group of 12 and realized covid capacity rules wouldn’t allow them to all be on one boat Read more about…a good Family Floatzilla Boating Story[…]

Chicago’s Midnight Boat Rentals! NOW offers Midnight Cruises! We all have heard of a midnight cruise in the movies, but how many have actually done it? Well last night the Gaskins wanted to share the ambiance of Chicago with their out-of-town guests and they enjoyed the first of what we hope will be many midnight cruises with us Read more about Chicago’s Midnight Boat Rentals![…]

Go Boating w…we’re cheaper than Groupon!

Today, I watched our fleet sit at the dock during one the nicest sunny days of the season, and it made me wonder how many folks are wishing they were on a boat. Many new clients have been saying, we are less expensive than Groupon….well how about that! Our river cruises have been dominating our Read more about Go Boating w…we’re cheaper than Groupon![…]